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The best relationships are built on trust, love and laughter. When was the last time you had all three ingredients of this killer combo, together, in your bedroom? Whether things have just begun to sizzle down and get boring, or whether you want to take your fun and the intimacy level of your relationship to a whole new level, this set of shorts is just the prop you need to surprise your partner and give them a good laugh.

The shorts are part of our fun, animal-shorts line of undergarments. They are just a normal pair of shorts with a cute, and very funny article hanging from it! It is the perfect article of clothing that will add laughter and fun into the bedroom. So what if you are married or have been in this relationship for the last ten years? Or even if this is just a new person you recently met and got intimate with? Take your comfort level around each other to a whole new dimension and bring one of these shorts into the bedroom.


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