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Perfect birthday gift!

2016-08-26 11:41

editied2 (1)Buying a birthday gift can be a very trying task, especially when you are trying to buy the perfect birthday gift for that special someone. You want the gift to be fun, intimate, to show your boyfriend, husband, best friend or even your coworkers that you love them, enjoy the time you spend together, and love to have fun with them. What better idea for a gift, can you have then, except the Funny teddy bear briefs?

These briefs like any normal pair of male boxers are a soft and comfortable article of clothing with a twist: the bear hanging at the front. The gift is both intimate as well as fun, all at the same time and can be used to spice up the day and add an element of fun to the occasion! Imagine the look on their face as they pull the Funny teddy bear briefs out of the wrapping. Keep your camera handy to take a picture of the moment!

Whether you are a man or a woman, there are a number of reasons to buy the Funny teddy bear briefs. The first of these is the cute teddy bear hanging from the crotch. Just the sight of that teddy can get your friend surprised and laughing and help the two of you get closer to each other as you share a special moment together.

The gifts that you share with those around you, also speak volumes for the kind of person you are. You want to come across as a fun lover or friend also. And that is where these shorts work on that image for you. The teddy is funny, cute and capable of breaking the ice with a few laughs. The recipient will immediately know that you have a great sense of humor… and that you are comfortable enough around them to give this fun, intimate gift. So get your friend a pair of Funny teddy bear briefs today!