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Elephant Shorts

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A very unusual pair indeed! These elephant trunk boxers are the perfect novelty gift for your man. Just think of the laughs you’ll have! It’s not the size of the trunk that counts! Or is it?

The funny elephant trunk boxers are soft and warm and not at all itchy. There’s also a trap door in the back with a cute little tail. The humorous elephant boxer shorts also feature two large ears either side.

Yarn: 100% Acrylic, soft not itchy;

Colours: multicoloured;

Washing: Care instructions: machine-washable GENTLE cycle;


1. MySexyShorts.com deliver products all over the world;

2. Delivery takes 5 to 10 bussines days;

3. Handling time is 1 bussines day;


Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Funniest Of Them All?

“The pink eared elephant shorts is” your mirror would answer if it was a tale. But it’s the coolest gift for your loved one in real too!

Offer to your boyfriend this wonderful gift and have the time of your life. You will definitely enjoy it! Or if you are a guy, just put it on and surprise your girlfriend pleasantly!

A perfect way to get a good laugh and enjoy your personal moments as a married couple too! Remember these pajamas are for all adults who wish to enrich their love life!

Let’s Have A Quality Chat, Shall We?

The elephant briefs we introduce you to, are made of 100% acrylic yarn. It is really soft and really smooth to the touch, so that you won’t have any itching problems or discomfort.

The waist cord makes sure that it fits perfectly on you without being too tight – just adjust it and you are set!

You can easily clean it – it’s washing machine safe – but if you want to keep it as smooth and soft we recommend you to gently hand-wash the underwear.

You will fall in love with it! We guarantee you not only its fine quality but also our exquisite services! 



*** Great Fun, wonderful Details , fits perfectly – amazing item !!!!!!

*** Extremely fast shipping! Great gift idea for close friends.

*** Hilarious. My boyfriend loved it!

*** Hysterical and was as advertised. Huge hit.

*** Got this for my boyfriend as a joke present and never seen him or myself laugh so hard in my life. Fast shipping and amazing product.


Sizes: Inches Centimeters
Can't find your size? Request for custom item! info@mysexyshorts.com

Customer reviews

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The best way to say sorry!
By JJjohnson, 04/08/2016

When I saw these I had to laugh a little! The price was worth it. In fact there is no price on having a healthy relationship. My wife and I were in an argument the other day and I happened to check the mail before her, I’m glad I did because my Elephant Shorts had arrived. I’m glad I got to the mailbox before her. As I was saying we were in an argument about all the bills, school, and car troubles, now I shouldn’t have to say that when it comes to money my wife handles it better than me. I leave all bills and expenses to her. Anyway I happened to say she didn’t know what she was doing when it comes to money and that comment put me in the dog house. I had to make my own dinner and even sleep on the couch cause a simple apology wouldn’t suffice for my mistake. The next day I tried to apologize several times and was giving the cold shoulder. That night I was handed my pillow and blanket to sleep down stares again. I had forgot about my Elephant Shorts I got to thinking what better way to apologize and admit my stupidity to her than make her laugh first to break the ice. I opened my package and laughed again I put the shorts on and I have to say that not only were they soft and comfortable but they also fit quite nicely even in the right place. So I bluntly barged into the bedroom and said “I know you don’t want to hear it again but I truly am sorry” I could see the aggravation all over her face as she looked up and about tore my head off with some vulgar remark she stopped in her tracks and paused doing a double take. That second look was priceless there are no words to describe what happened next. I have to say we had a great night and the following morning she woke me and we had round 2 before breakfast. After that she said something that caught me completely off guard “How much did you pay for those” I couldn’t help but to laugh. Thanks MySexyShorts I am currently browsing your other products.

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